Academy gradings


When students have displayed competency in their current belt, have at least 80% attendance, and have accumulated the correct amount of time they can register online to Grade at one of the four grading events held each year. Please use the links to the forms below, and Gassuku is generally held on the weekend before the end of the school term.

Students will be expected to demonstrate and communicate understanding of a series of techniques ( physically, orally and written) as requested by the examiner. Knowledge of previous grades is expected and can be requested during anytime of the examination.


  1. Written Thesis:

Each student has a syllabus of techniques they must learn in order to progress. To ensure students learn and comprehend the techniques, it is important that they write an explanation in their own words on how to execute each defensive technique and deliver it to their examiner before the examination. This is a large part of the grading process.

  1. Verbal explanations of Techniques:

During the examination students are asked to explain in detail each technique as they physically demonstrate at a reduced speed.

  1. Practical Application of Syllabus Techniques:

Each Kyu Grade examination requires a physical knowledge of their techniques, these are demonstrated at pace in front of the Grading panel from four different directions or until the examiner is confident for you to proceed.

  1. Revision:

An extremely important component of the Grading process and the extent is at the discretion of the examiner (always be prepared to demonstrate all past grades!)

Examination Re-sit:

There are many reasons why the examiner may call for a re-sit; these include poorly delivered techniques, no written thesis, or absence from the examination. For whatever reason a re-sit is required it will be at the cost of the student.

Special circumstances:

We understand each student learns and excels differently and doing so may require extra help, if a student has an area which they require assistance please inform your instructor. Private Tuition is available.


Colt and Senior grades are as follows:

White Belt

White - Yellow Tip

Yellow Belt

Orange Belt

Green Belt

Purple Belt

Red Belt

Blue Belt

2nd Stage Blue Belt


2nd Stage Brown Belt

Black Tip

Black Belt (1st Degree - Shodan)

Junior grades:

White Belt

White Yellow tip

2nd Yellow tip

3rd Yellow tip

Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt Purple tip

2nd Purple tip

3rd Purple tip

Purple Belt

Purple belt Red tip

2nd Red tip

3rd Red tip

4th Red tip

Red Belt

Red Belt White tip

White Belt Senior