senior classes

18yrs and above

$200 per Term

colts classes

13yrs to  17yrs

$170 per Term

Junior classes

7yrs to 12yrs 

$130 per Term

shogun combat

Competition  focused classes designed for Points contact fighting, Full contact MMA and grappling.


Protecther classes are a womens self defence program that run for 6-10 weeks (limited numbers) 


beginners program

Beginners classes are an introduction to Jiu Jitsu Self Defence,  the program runs for 8-10 weeks (limited numbers) 


private tuition

Available from our head instructors and can be targeted/designed to cater for your needs. Open to both new and experienced students wanting to learn or for fine tuning. This also includes Mentoring Services for children and youth and can be accessed privately or through Ministry of Education funding. 


corporate and team building classes

Available for either one-off or a series of sessions. Focus can be on either self-defence and confidence, or team-building through Jiu Jitsu. 


control and restraint modules

Control and restraint Modules are available upon request.